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Her husband sends her a selfie: she…
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Her husband sends her a selfie: she discovers that he is cheating on her thanks to a reflection in the mirror

February 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Social networks and instant messaging applications have made it normal that more and more people share any time of their day with the outside world. Leaving aside those who feel the need to share personal moments of their lives with strangers, there are also those who, with friends and boyfriends, never stop for a second taking pictures or updating their status. In the past it was customary to call your partner to find out how she is today, instead, a voice message is enough, perhaps accompanied by a selfie instead of an "I miss you". Receiving messages and selfies from your partner can be rewarding, of course - especially when distance comes into play - but it can never replace a day spent with together. Unfortunately, in long distance relationships the likelihood of being betrayed also increases and, at times, if you are super smart at using technology, you also risk scoring an own goal. Just as this woman's husband did.

The video from TikTok vlogger "shesough" has gone viral, as she explains that earlier that her husband had gone to the casino for the evening, sleeping in a hotel for the night, and then she announces the real reason for the video: the betrayal by her husband. After receiving two "lovable" selfies of her husband taken in the mirror of the hotel bathroom, the woman became aware of a detail that suddenly revealed his betrayal. Can you see it in the photo? The woman asks TikTok users, assuring everyone that she has already made her husband a mere "ex".

Reflected in the mirror you can clearly see hair straighteners, not usually supplied in hotel rooms: an unusual tool for a man with short hair. So, it seemed that the man was not alone in that hotel room and that the straighteners had been left in the bathroom by his mysterious companion. In addition to the straighteners, there is also a detangling comb, a bit unusual for those with short hair. Some viewers have commented that the man, whose face is carefully covered for privacy reasons, is not even wearing a wedding ring. Others added: "Men just don't realize what they're doing."

Betrayal is unjustifiable behavior, but it must be said that this man was really careless!

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