This woman hasn't cut her nails in 28 years and now she wants to sell them for $47,000 -
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This woman hasn't cut her nails in 28…
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This woman hasn't cut her nails in 28 years and now she wants to sell them for $47,000

February 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are people with extraordinary qualities and physical characteristics that, at first glance, can leave you speechless. This is not always something truly useful, but there is also no denying the innate "talent" that some individuals possess. It's a bit like the raison d'être of the Guinness Book of Records, a book published annually since 1955 that collects all the records in the world, from natural to human, to the most unusual ones. Inside it's easy to identify "the tallest man in the world" or "the most tattooed man in the world" and so on, finding the strangest of records. Speaking of questionable records, we want to introduce you to Ayanna Williams, the woman with the longest nails in the world.

via: Metro

Ayanna Williams, from Houston, Texas (USA), is 54 years old and admits she started growing her nails about 28 years ago. In order not to break them and keep them in good condition, she undergoes a 20-hour manicure, divided into several sessions over the course of the week. Now, after years of taking care of her "precious" nails, Ayanna has decided to sell them to the highest bidder. The reason? Six years ago she divorced her ex-husband and being able to cover all of her expenses is not easy for her, especially as she has diabetes and has to take insulin shots. For her, the ideal price of nails would be around $48,000 - a staggering figure when you think they have been valued at around $100 a nail!

Her nails have grown to 95.5 centimeters, a real record, set in 2017. Today, in addition to hoping to sell them for a lot of money, she hopes that the future buyer will allow her to keep at least twenty centimeters: after many years, we imagine it is difficult to completely wave goodbye to such a thing! In the past, she claimed to have never had problems in her daily life: "I can do everything, just like you" she has always declared to those who asked her how she managed to go to the bathroom or wash the dishes.

But the woman also admitted that she must always consider her nails in everything she does and, given their incredible length, she often faces an obstacle that slows all her activities. "I can't wait to speed things up a bit. I'll be able to play more freely with my grandchildren, put on a pair of jeans without anyone's help and jump in the car for a ride whenever I feel like it!" Ayanna said.

Well, it seems that she has paid for her entry into the Guinness Book of Records with a piece of her of her freedom: we wish her well to be able to continue living more easily without having to think too much about her nails!


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