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He stays behind to study in the classroom…
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He stays behind to study in the classroom every day until dark: this poor pupil has no electricity at home

February 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are students and pupils all over the world who do not view school as a constraint imposed by adults in which they are forced to study with their head bent over books, no; in fact, there are very willing children who make enormous sacrifices to be receive good grades or to enjoy the privilege of going to school. Many of these kids even stay behind an hour late in their class to finish the next day's homework, like young Jeric Reyes.

This Filipino boy took to the internet when his heartwarming family story was discovered a little by accident by his teacher Mark Pee Pornasdoro; one day, while the professor was checking all the classrooms of the institute before closing the school around 8 pm, he noticed that in one of the classrooms Jeric was still there, sitting in his chair, intent on studying his books. The teacher approached the boy and told him that the school was about to close and asked why he was still there.

The boy replied that he had no electricity in at home and his parents were having trouble making ends meet towards the end of the month. This is why Jeric not only ate only when he came home in the evening, but he stayed to do his homework in class every day until 8 o'clock in the evening because they didn't have electricity at home.

The professor was so impressed by Jeric's story that he absolutely had to publish the story of this poor boy on his Facebook profile, who despite the difficulties of life is really doing his best to learn, improve and change his destiny for the better.

Jeric Reyes' inner strength and perseverance should be an inspiration to all students of the world: despite the harshness of life, one must never give up and fight for a brighter future!

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