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A boy asks his twin with Down syndrome…
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A boy asks his twin with Down syndrome to go up on the graduation stage next to him: a gesture of unique brotherly love

By Alison Forde

This is the moving story of twin brothers who have always been inseparable in life; they were born at the same time, and even if there is a substantial physical difference between them, what unites them and makes them practically identical is their big hearts and the affection they feel for each other. Yes, because although Austin was born in circumstances considered "regular", Ty was born with Down syndrome, which is why he learned to walk much later than his twin.

Austin and Ty, despite the difficulties of life, have always been inseparable brothers and very close, even if they had to go to different schools. When the day came when Austin was due to graduate at 18, he stated firmly that he would only show up for the ceremony if his brother Ty could come with him. A very peremptory gesture that the school obviously welcomed with enthusiasm and emotion.

Austin was certainly very happy to celebrate his scholastic achievements, but he knew very well that Ty had been working even harder given his daily difficulties; for this reason the boy knew that his brother deserved to go up on that stage next to him.


Eventually, sweet Ty agreed to ascend to the graduation stage next to his brother Austin, side by side, hand in hand; at that moment, there was not a single person in the room who was not genuinely moved by the gesture of these two brothers as different as they are identical.

This moving story shows us once again that the love that exists between two brothers goes far beyond appearances; what matters is the heart beating inside each of us.

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