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Expectations vs. Reality: 17 people…
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Expectations vs. Reality: 17 people who were terribly disappointed with their purchases

February 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Nowadays, it is more and more common to order products online based on reviews left by customers and the reputation of sellers. Although online shopping is very convenient for some people, for others it can become a real "trap" from which they cannot extricate themselves. We must be on guard and pay attention to what we buy: often, in fact, we find ourselves disappointed and with a rip-off on our hands! It must be said that a customer's expectations can be betrayed not only by online purchases, but also by real-life sellers who use deceptive photos to advertise their poor products. In short, the world of shopping is a real jungle and you have to know how to untangle yourself. The people in this photo list don't seem to have done it so well ...

1. The difference between the misleading packaging and reality is truly striking ..

2. The size indicated may be a little wrong ...


3. "I ordered this large wool blanket and instead, this is what I got: it barely covers my dog!"

4. Even a lunch break sandwich could turn out to be a deceptive and unsatisfying purchase ...

5. "They sent it to me like this ... just the components!"


6. "What I ordered vs. what I got ... do you notice any differences?"

7. It looked like such a cute sweater ... something has gone very wrong!


8. Have you ever eaten a panettone as disappointing as this?

9. From "I want to believe it" to "I want to leave" in an instant ...


10. "I ordered a cake for my niece ..."

11. When you hope to recreate the atmosphere you saw in a professional photo ...

image: Reddit

12. When you hope that the tattoo artist you have contacted will be able to draw ...

13. Do you trust Online Shopping ...

14. "I ordered a bruschetta from a pizzeria near my house ..."

15. "I only traveled there because I had seen this photo ..."

16. "I wanted professional make-up done for Halloween and paid $60 for it to be like the picture on the left, with the addition of blood. This is what I got."

17. "It's not exactly the sound-absorbing panel I ordered ..."

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