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A bride abandoned on the altar consoles…
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A bride abandoned on the altar consoles herself by marrying one of the guests

January 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you decide to marry your partner, you hope it will be a well-considered decision and equally desired by both, in the belief that they can continue a long-term relationship. Still, we hear news of a lot of divorces and second thoughts. But in a village in Tarikere taluk, India, reality has surpassed fantasy: the groom deliberately abandoned his future wife at the altar, running away from the ceremony; her family, disappointed by the turn of events, found her a respectable makeshift spouse among the guests. It sounds like a joke but it really happened during a ceremony that was anything but traditional.

via: News 18

image: Pexels

The story in question is full of melodramatic details worthy of a Bollywood script: the future husband of the poor unfortunate bride seems to have maintained a double relationship for a long time and, on the day of his wedding, he seems to have been threatened by his jealous lover. "If you marry her, I swear I will publicly poison myself at your wedding" - these were the words with which the furious woman ruined the couple's wedding day. Of course, as things turned out, we are not even sure that she actually ruined a good thing: maybe, in the end, it was better this way! Also because the bride's family certainly did not give up in the face of her sudden abandonment - the bride had to be consoled!

image: Pexels

Incredibly, after checking out all the guests, one man among them agreed to marry the desperate woman. The lucky guy is called Chandrappa and he is the conductor who was supposed to direct the musicians during the ceremony. A truly incredible twist, which allowed the ceremony to continue "in complete tranquility". The woman's family was also positively impressed by the social position of the man who, being an orchestra conductor, was certainly a good match.

"All's well what ends well".


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