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He leaves house arrest and returns to…
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He leaves house arrest and returns to the police station with a bag: "prison is better than my family!"

By Alison Forde

Not all families are able to live happily together, getting along in love and harmony within the same four domestic walls. Living with anyone, whether they are close family members, roommates or partners, can be very difficult in some cases, especially if space is limited and cohabitation is in a certain sense "forced". We refer in particular to this long and difficult period in which, due to Covid-19, we have been forced to spend a lot of time at home, withless chance of time away from our family or partner. A 25-year-old man under house arrest didn't last long in his home in the company of his family and returned to the police station with a bag, breaking the restrictive measures against him and asking to be readmitted to prison.

image: Wikimedia

The curious story happened in Catania, Sicily, where the 25-year-old young man must have thought that prison was better than the insistent and constant company of his family. At the Librino police station they did not expect to see the young man again so soon, also because they were well aware of the restrictive measures to which he was subject. 

image: Pexels

The young man had broken the order, not to escape but to go to the police station to ask to be allowed to return to prison. Incompatibility with his own family was the reason that led a young man to return to the police station with a bag full of clothes and personal effects. In this rather unusual situation, the boy was again subjected to house arrest but was allowed, upon request to be referred to the judicial authorities, to change the place of his detention.

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