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A woman gives birth to a premature baby…
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A woman gives birth to a premature baby and 27 days later gives birth to two more twins

By Alison Forde

Here is an unbelievable story about a young woamn from Bangladesh who, after giving birth to her first child, gave birth to two more twins within a few weeks. The woman comes from a rural village in her country and had never undergone  the usual ultrasound scans and checks before giving birth. For this reason, when she gave birth to her first child, who was born prematurely, neither she nor her doctor expected a pair of twins to arrive shortly thereafter. It all started with severe abdominal pain about 4 weeks after the first birth, but the young woman did not expect to become the mother of two other beautiful babies so soon.

These are rare events that can happen, with the only difference being that usually most of the women involved are already aware of them before giving birth. The young woman went to another hospital when, 26 days after giving birth, she began to feel unwell and to have stomach pains. The doctor who treated her was particularly shocked to find that the young woman was pregnant with twins. "I haven't seen anything like this before," said the doctor, who went on to explain that the mother in question suffers from a rare condition called "didelphys uterus". Simply put, the woman technically has two uteri and it is likely that the three eggs were fertilized at the same time, producing three embryos.

The parents of these beautiful children are very poor and both are worried about how they will manage to support them, but they are still positive: "It's been a miracle that all three are in good health and I will do my best to support them," said the father, who earns $69 per month.

We can only wish them good luck and a life full of happiness!


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