The pushy mother-in-law buys a new ring for her son because she didn't like the wedding rings chosen by the newlyweds -
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The pushy mother-in-law buys a new ring…
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The pushy mother-in-law buys a new ring for her son because she didn't like the wedding rings chosen by the newlyweds

December 14, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The myth of the domineering mother-in-law persists in Western culture for a very specific reason: most of them are actually quite intrusive and can have untenable attitudes to say the least! A newly married woman witnessed this and wanted to tell her absurd experience online. After having made her dreams come true by marrying the love of her life, the woman had to suffer humiliation from her mother-in-law, who did not agree on the choice of rings, a choice that should be completely personal, but which prompted the mother-in-law to buy another one "more suited to her son's style".

via: Mirror
image: Reddit

The mother-in-law didn't like the choice of wedding rings very much, so much so that she felt the need to buy a different one for her son, one that would suit "his style" more. Although this is rather intrusive, the woman still chose to have the package containing the ring delivered, rather than deliver it in person to her son. The new bride remembers coming home from work and seeing the famous package on the veranda. She knew that she and her husband hadn't ordered anything, so curiously she opened the box. You can imagine her surprise (but also her anger!) when she found herself faced with a ring that fitted perfectly on her husband's ring finger, accompanied by a note that read: "I think it is much more suited to your style".

image: Pxhere

The two newlyweds had actually chosen very particular love tokens, which had a profound meaning for them. For the rings, in fact, the couple had chosen to have them made to measure, using wood from the barrels of the first brewery they had ever visited together. In short, a choice linked to a romantic event, which the two wanted to remember forever. No one should be allowed to judge such choices, which is why the ring given by the mother to her son was returned to the sender.

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