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17 cute dogs that don't need words to…
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17 cute dogs that don't need words to express their eternal loyalty to humans

By Alison Forde

If you need a warm hug or simply some company that warms your heart, know that your four-legged friend will be the solution you are looking for; from a sweet domestic companion to a trusted friend who would give his life for you, a dog knows how to be the greatest expression of fidelity to a human that our minds can conceive of. And even without being able to speak they know how to express their loyalty in a unique and sweet way.

A moment of relaxation alongside his owner!

image: Guygan/Reddit

Come here human, let me give you a hug!


After a long day at school, a hug from your four-legged best friend is the only thing you really need!

Let's watch TV together my little friend!

A nice "pat" on the back from your four-legged friend!

image: Imgur

A hug as soon as you get back home!

I was about to say hello when she pounced on me like this!

image: Louvin/Reddit

Mom, please don't leave me!

Sleeping ... in good company!


Here I am! I never leave you alone, dear human!

She decided to live here, in the warmth next to me, how could I say no?

My father absolutely did not want a dog in the house, and now ...

He is always beside his master, even when he's working on the PC!

The best company you could wish for at Christmas!

He never lets me sleep aone in my bed ...

image: Kaessa/Reddit

A man literally surrounded by dogs!

He absolutely refuses to leave the warmth of my knees!

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