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A very poor child loses the backpack…
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A very poor child loses the backpack he went to school with: his father spends all night sewing a new one

December 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

What's greater than the love for a child? Even when the situation seems desperate, a mom or dad will do everything they can to free their children from any worry. Ny is a Thai boy from an extremely poor peasant family; every day the child has to travel several kilometers to get to school and it is not always easy to keep up with the purchase of school supplies. One morning, Ny's teacher, a woman named Sophus Suon, not seeing him arrive, thought there was yet another delay, but when she saw him and allowed him to explain what had happened, she was greatly moved by his story. The boy had lost his school backpack the day before, so his father spent the whole night sewing one from scratch.

The teacher was really amazed by this Dad's dedication and, above all, by the skill with which he managed to weave a blue backpack perfectly suited for the purpose. On her Facebook profile, the teacher has published photos of the backpack taken from various angles, with the aim of showing the perfection of a "poor" object but one which was made with love.

Clearly, it's not a branded backpack, but it's made with love - the most important thing. The teacher didn't expect in the least that the photos of that cute backpack would go viral, but she was delighted. Starting with this boy's class, where all the other children started wanting a wonderful backpack just like his.


The positive thing, in fact, is that many parents have turned to Ny's family to get a similar backpack for or their children. Surely, the interest shown also on social networks gives hope to this family that, perhaps, they can escape from their terrible situation of poverty as soon as possible.

A class photo in which all the children show their enthusiasm!


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