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He collects money to buy his deceased…
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He collects money to buy his deceased father's car, but a man gives him the keys and tells him: "The car is yours"

November 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

People who work as police officers are not only people who are very dedicated to their mission, but also very courageous people. Every day, when they go out with their police cars to patrol their own city, they risk coming into contact with situations and individuals which may not be entirely safe and which may endanger their lives. Tanner Bronwlee's lost his police officer father in 2010, when he gave his life in the line of duty.

Tanner's dad, a great police officer in the city of Denver, fell on duty in 2010, and Tanner and his brother have always tried to preserve the memory of his way of life as much as they could, whether it was his service uniform or his jacket. However, Tanner has always had a dream: to be able to buy his father's service car, a Dodge Charger, with his own money.

For this reason, the boy, as soon as he learned that the car was to be been auctioned for charity, opened a collection on GoFundMe in order to win the auction and take the car home with him, along with the other memories of his father: "My father's police car is something he was very attached to and for someone else it might just be a car. But for me it belonged to my father. I want to show my father that I have become a man and can take the responsibility of keeping his legacy alive. This would be a huge step forward."

During the auction, however, his father's Dodge Charger sold for about $60,000, too high a price for the Brownlee brothers, who had raised about $3,465 on GoFundMe. Tanner knew he could never reach that figure, but a welcome surprise was waiting for him ...

Steve Wells, the man who had won the car at auction, gave the keys to Tanner and said, "Tanner, here's your car." In fact, what the policeman's son didn't know was that the car had been auctioned off to then be donated to Tanner and his brother Chase.


Sam Brownlee's Dodge Charger was put up for auction to finance and raise funds for the Denver Police Force and to support the lives of family members who had survived the death of a close relative who died in service.

Tanner couldn't believe all this, he burst into tears and hugged Steve Wells. Now that car, which meant so much to the two fatherless boys, was theirs, and a little more of their favorite cop was at home with them, close to their heart!

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