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A poor child carries pounds of wood…
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A poor child carries pounds of wood on his back with his faithful little dog: he never leaves him alone

November 07, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The bond that can grow between a child and a pet can become a simple friendship or an indissoluble relationship of trust, so much so that the owner and four-legged friend never separate. A bond so strong that probably the little protagonist of this story is lucky to live every day together with his favorite little dog and with a great spirit of sacrifice for his family ...

This 10-year-old boy who was immortalized in a short video by one of his fellow citizens from the Saj Buta community in Quiche in Guatemala, was spotted walking along a country road with what really looked like pounds of wood on his shoulders which he was carrying home to his poor family. But the boy didn't just carry wood on his shoulders ...

On top of that pile there was also his inseparable four-legged friend, a little dog who from the owner's back, admired the view and enjoyed that placid and curious "ride". A friendship, the one between this willing child and his beloved dog, which did not break even at times of hard work, when the child had to make a sacrifice to help his family ...


At the age of 10 a child should be going to school, having fun with their friends, be carefree, yet in cinditions of poverty in Guatemala, the reality can often be very different. But although life is hard for this willing little boy, with him there will always be his faithful four-legged friend, ready to watch over him ... from his shoulders!


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