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A woman catches her husband at the altar…
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A woman catches her husband at the altar with another woman: the surreal scene shot by one of the guests

October 25, 2020 • By Alison Forde

What could be more horrifying than having your wedding day ruined? Perhaps, only discovering that your husband is marrying another woman in secret! This is what happened in Zambia to a woman who surprised her husband at the altar with another woman, about to marry her. A surreal scene, promptly recorded by some of the guests who were attending the wedding. Imagine what the poor woman dressed in white must have felt who, probably, couldn't wait to experience this day of celebration in the name of happiness, together with friends and relatives. Even the man's "real" wife did not come out well in this: in the video she can be seen (and heard) as she enters the church furiously pointing to the man at the altar.

The woman who burst into the church, identified as Caroline Mubita, began yelling at the man at the altar, informing everyone present that it was her husband, as well as the father of the child that she was carrying (and two other children!). A scene truly on the verge of comedy, tragic but surreal at the same time. The man, named Muyunda, had told his wife that he would be out of town for work that morning, when in fact he had headed to the church to marry another woman. Caroline claims she learned the news from neighbors and rushed to church to stop the illicit union.

The marriage was of course canceled and Muyanda was taken by the authorities to the nearest police station. As it turns out, Muyanda's bride knew very well that the man was already married, but she insisted on having the wedding ceremony for her and her "fiance".

A bizarre story, which we hope will never happen again to anyone. What do you think of it? Would you ever forgive such behavior if it were your husband and the father of your children?

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