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A poor father cries for joy when he…
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A poor father cries for joy when he finds a teddy bear in the garbage: "I'll give it to my daughter"

By Alison Forde

The best dad in the world? Maybe he doesn't exist in reality, or perhaps all the fathers who live on this planet are the best in the world for their own children. Or perhaps Azri Walter, an Indian woman who lives in the city of Putraya in the Asian nation, found him in the most casual and touching of situations: while she was sitting in her car waiting for the green light she spotted a man on a motorcycle carrying a giant teddy bear...

Azri Walter was leaving the office after a long day at work and while she was in the car, from the window, she saw a seemingly funny scene but one which hid behind it a story of love and sacrifice: a man was driving a rickety scooter and transported, in a somewhat unstable, way a huge scruffy teddy bear...

Azri stopped at the red light and asked him why he was carrying a soft toy so big and noticed that the man was on the verge of crying, not from sadness, but from joy - it was an unexpected gift for the youngest daughter!

The man told Azri that he had been looking for a teddy bear to give his daughter for some time, only what they were selling in the shops was too expensive for him, and he could not afford such an expense, especially at a time when his family was in dire financial straits: "I saw the teddy bears yesterday in the shop but they were too expensive. I needed that money to buy food ..."

But then, it seemed a miracle had happened: in the garbage can near his workplace, the hard pressed man found a huge teddy dirty bear, but one which would bring happiness to his youngest daughter: "This bear is a blessing. I'll wash it and then my daughter will be very happy! "


In the end, the man's tears were not of sadness, but of joy at finally finding the perfect gift to bring a smile to his daughter and the whole family in need. Azri, moved by this story, recounted the encounter with the man on her Facebook page and said: "We all continue to fight. We cannot give up because there is always hope."

And we, like this amazing dad, will continue to fight for a better future.

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