An adopted girl is reunited with her father after 24 years and discovers that they worked for the same voluntary organisation -
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An adopted girl is reunited with her…
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An adopted girl is reunited with her father after 24 years and discovers that they worked for the same voluntary organisation

By Alison Forde

Almost all children who have been adopted feel the urge at some point in their life to look for their biological parents. This does not mean that they don't want the family that welcomed them. It is simply the natural instinct to find one's roots, to find answers to some questions, and to finally free oneself from that sense of the unresolved. This experience does not always end happily, but when it does, it is as if each piece fell into place.

image: Fox10/YouTube

Will Russell is today a changed man, more mature, in one word, better. He was very young when he became little Amy's father, perhaps too young. In those days his life was very different, he had no stability and he struggled with alcohol addiction. He was barely able to take care of himself, so he could never have looked after a little girl. Thus, he was forced to give her up for adoption. Over time, man has had a real inner metamorphosis. He stopped drinking, and started taking care of others.

A sort of spontaneous urge led him to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, Arizona. This Christian organization offers help and support to those in need. From being a simple volunteer, Will went on to take up a full-time role, and later he became a pastor.

image: Fox10/YouTube

In 2013 Amy, now grown up, wanted to track down her biological father. She managed to contact one of her brothers, and from him she got Will's name and phone number. She called him very excitedly, and the two then met a few days later in a cafe to have breakfast together.

Their meeting was incredible; a mix of fear, embarrassment, agitation and joy. Amy talked about herself and Will told her about how those 24 years had passed, of his alcohol problem and his new life. The hours flew by, and the man, albeit with regret, told his daughter he had to go because they were waiting for him at the mission.

When the girl heard those words she was amazed: without knowing it, the two had been working for the same organization for a long time, although in different and distant departments. That meeting, already so extraordinary in itself, became exceptional: it was the sign that something inexplicable had attracted them to the same place.

The proof that even if they were distant, there had always been a bond between them.


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