Stranger dumps hundreds of used tires on farmer's land: farmer finds him and dumps them back on stranger's property -
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Stranger dumps hundreds of used tires…
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Stranger dumps hundreds of used tires on farmer's land: farmer finds him and dumps them back on stranger's property

By Cylia Queen

Patience is a virtue, but it also has its limits. As a society who is predominantly Christian, most of us have grown up learning about Christian principles such as "turn the other cheek." We've been taught to forgive instead of seek vengeance on those who have done us wrong. Although these are great values to invoke, sometimes turning the other cheek is just not good enough, like in Stuart Baldwin's case.

Stuart is an English farmer that lives in Wigan, a subarb of Liverpool. These days, most farmers are struggling to make a decent living, and doesn't help that Stuart to remove at his own expense several tons of waste that someone dumps on his property every year. The most popular waste item seems to be used tires and, up until recently, Stuart could never figure out who the culprit was. 


This occurence has been happening for years. Given Stuart is a good man, and tries to be understanding, he's always given whoever it was the benefit of the doubt. You could compare Stuart's patience and tollerance to that of Job's in the Bible. That is, until Stuart couldn't be patient or tollerant any longer. 

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After the umpteenth time of someone dumping waste on his property, Stuart decided to install security cameras in hopes of finding out exactly who the culprit was. It didn't take long, either, for Stuart to figure out who it was.

If it had been anyone else, they probably would have marched straight to the perpetrator's house and made him pay then and there for there actions. Stuart's not just any other guys though. 

Since Stuart is a gentlemen, he confronted the person and told them he had footage of him dumping trash on his property. Instead of giving him an earfull, he politely asked him clean up the mess he had left on his property. Being polite doesn't always get you anywhere, however. After several days passed by, Stuart began to doubt that the culprit would ever come and pick up his mess. 

That's when Stuart decided to take matters into his own hands. With the help of some of his friends, he gathered all the tired together and dumped them in front of the perpetrators house. When it was all said and done, Stuart and his friends had counted over 400 tires. 


Although we feel for Stuart, what he did is not exactly legal. Now the matter will be handled in a courtroom. Stuart claims that he acted in self-defense, but his life wasn't actually in danger. 

When Stuart published his story online, he got a lot of positive feedback not only from his community but from people all over the world. We don't know how things will go, but at least Stuart decided to take non-voilent actions, no matter how infantile they may have been. We only hope that the culprit has learned his lesson and that Stuart will finally get some peace of mind once the court case is over.  

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