Kids break Museum's giant castle made of glass: they caused over 42 thousand dollars worth of damage -
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Kids break Museum's giant castle made…
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Kids break Museum's giant castle made of glass: they caused over 42 thousand dollars worth of damage

By Cylia Queen

Do you remember the time when parents would actually reprimand their children in public? Anytime kids would act up, whether they were rowdy at dinner or touches things they were supposed to at a museum, parents wouldn't hesitate to discipline them. These days, parents who reprimand their children, especially in public, are rather a rarity. Now, parents just let their kids run and play without keeping tabs on them at all. As a result, kids these days are less respectful of the people around them and tend to act like, no matter where they are, they're at home. Once family had to pay a pretty penny after the parents failed to keep their children in check. During a visit to Shanghai's Museum of Glass, the parents' children ending up knocking over a glass castle. They had to end up paying 42 thousand dollars in damages!   

The glass castle was constructed by Miguel Arribas, which took him over 500 hours to complete. Arribas donated the castle the Shanghai museum in 2016. All that work, however, was done in vain when a couple brought their two children to the museum. It took no time for the children to start acting up and, in th matter of seconds, they bumped into the castle, causing part of it to crumble to the ground. The castle's value is over 42 thousand dollars, mainly due the fact that it contains many 24 carat gold spheres and spikes throughout the piece.  

image: Pexels

The parents clearly were told they were responsible for the repairs, although no one is sure when that will happen. The artist currently can't leave his country, given the Covid pandemic. For now, everyone else will just have to look at a broken piece of magificent artwork until Arribas can in fact come repair it. 

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