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A 9-year-old helps raise $20,000 for…
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A 9-year-old helps raise $20,000 for a man with one arm, who sells flowers for a living

By Cylia Queen

Some people out there have never had fate smile down on them. Their entire lives are made up of one struggle after another, and they never seem to ever get a break.

Israel Parra knows all too well what this is like. This 57-year-old from California wakes up every morning and starts his day off by figuring out how he is going to make enough money to survive the day. Israel lost his arm after an accident in 1999, but his strength and persevering attitude has kept him going all this time. He usually takes on all kinds of odd jobs that will make him enough money to buy a meal, including selling flowers at the side of the road. Israel has never been a lucky man. His luck did, however, start to change after meeting Jeremiah Reyes, a random 9-year-old boy who simply wanted to make Israel's life a little better.    

via: GodUpdates

Although selling flowers isn't the most difficult job, it can be when you only have one arm. It would be nice to be able to make enough money to buy himself a prosthetic arm, but Israel simply can't earn that kind of money by just selling flowers.  

Even if it seems like the Universe isn't listening, it has it's ways of showing us that it cares and shows up in the most unexpected ways. That's when, one day, Jeremiah and his big sister spotted Israel on the side of the road selling flowers. He couldn't help feeling sorry for Israel, especially given how hot it was outside. The man must have been in desperate need of money if he was willing to stand outside all day in these kinds of temperatures. And that's when Jeremiah decided he had to do something to help Israel. 


When he arrived home, Jeremiah logged onto his computer and opened a GoFundMe account for Israel. He was hoping to raise some money for Israel, but never imagined that his campaign would have become so popular. Israel's story spread throughout the world, and it wasn't long before his GoFundMe page raised over 20,000 dollars. Needless to say, Israel will definitely be able to use that money, perhaps finally get that prosthetic arm he has always wanted. And it's all thanks to the altruism and thoughtfulness of a 9-year-old boy. Way to go, Jeremiah!  


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