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Wife and husband hold hands for the…
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Wife and husband hold hands for the last time after 62 years together

By Cylia Queen

These days, it's rare to hear about couples who've been together their entire lives. It's already a milestone if couples make it past the 5 or 10 year mark. Others, however, have found the secret to staying together, surpassing all of life's obstacles that are thrown in their way. 

For these individuals, getting separated for one minute is not an option; not even in the midst of one of them dying during a health pandemic. 

This is exactly what happened with John (92) and Marjorie (88) Wilson, an elderly couple from the United Kingdom. The two lovebirds got married in 1958 and they just celebrated 62 years together. In May 2020, John was diagnosed with terminal cancer and, thus, was sent to live out the remainder of his days at Queen's Hospital Burton. His wife had already had been admitted there but, unlike him, she was about to be released. Considering the circumstances with Covid-19, the medical staff realized that the couple would never get to see each other again if Marjorie left the hospital. 

Upon Emma's, Marjorie's sister, request, the couple were moved to a hospital room where they could live out John's remaining days together. The two were left alone so that John would be able to say his goodbyes to his wife and hold her hand one last time.   

Although it was a difficult moment, Emma held back tears and took one last picture of John and Marjorie together. John passed away June 15th. His son, Kurt, decided to write a touching letter to the medical staff that gave his dad and mom the opportunity to see each other one last time before John died. He also published what he wrote, and the photo, online. 

In the photo, it almost looks as if John is saying to Marjorie, "Love, I have to go now. You stay here a little while longer and come find me when you're ready." It's hard to look at the photo without getting teary-eyed, but we know that John and Marjorie will be reunited once again soon enough. After all, it wasn't a goodbye; it was a "see you soon." 

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