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He wanted to buy a car online but by…
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He wanted to buy a car online but by mistake he ordered it 27 times: he gets a 1.4 million euro bill

By Alison Forde

Online purchases are definitely a great way to speed up the sales process and often constitute a nice saving for the customer. Each purchase, however, needs the right amount of attention: the site from which we buy the products must be reliable and known, the transaction protected and, finally, we must be careful in evaluating some small details that may vary during the purchase phase. In Germany, a man wanted to replace his old family car with the new Tesla Model 3 electric car; in proceeding with the large purchase, the man preferred to order on the internet from the official website, so as to get a little discount. However, something went wrong during the process: as he never received a confirmation email, he continued to repeat all the steps for 2 hours. The result? A bill that was a little steep to say the least!

via: 7news.com
image: Wikimedia

The man, not receiving any notification of confirmation of the purchase, repeated the whole "guided" purchase procedure 27 times and, each time, completed everything by clicking on the "confirm the purchase" button. The result of these operations was seen a couple of hours later: "Thank you for purchasing 27 Tesla Model 3 cars for a total of 1.4 million euros.

The site in question, among other things, requires a deposit of 100 euros on each booking: the unfortunate German citizen, therefore, would have paid out 2,700 euros just for the reservations. The panicked man immediately contacted Tesla to explain the situation and, fortunately, the company agreed to a refund to allow the man to proceed with his purchase.

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