Doctors declare a newborn dead: he comes back to life after 2 hours thanks to contact with his mother -
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Doctors declare a newborn dead: he comes…
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Doctors declare a newborn dead: he comes back to life after 2 hours thanks to contact with his mother

June 20, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When Kate Ogg gave birth to her two twins, the moment of joy due to such a happy event was immediately filled with anguish and sadness. Anyone would have felt these sensations seeing that one of the two infants, unfortunately, was unable to breathe without difficulty, and he was then declared deceased by the doctors.

A heartbreaking scene, to which Kate reacted instinctively, taking the baby close to her and holding him tight, as if not to let him go, in a surge of affection that probably only a mother can fully understand. Despite those dramatic moments, life, for the new mother and her baby, had an amazing surprise to say the least, faced with which even the doctors were shocked.

In the 2 hours following the birth, the baby, called Jaime, was kept under observation. Although he was declared dead, something special was evidently going on in him. He seemed to be giving some small signs of life, and it was at that point that Kate decided to put some breast milk on her finger, trying to feed him with her own hands. Here the unthinkable happened: the baby took the milk and continued to appear more and more alive.

When they called the doctors on duty, nobody could believe what was happening. Jamie was regaining consciousness, he reached out and grabbed Mom's finger until he even opened his eyes and moved his head. The boy was alive! 

Despite the bewilderment of the doctors, the family and the medical staff have witnessed a case of a return to life thanks to the warmth and contact with the mother's body. It has been what, in jargon, is called "Kangaroo therapy", that is the practice through which - especially for premature babies like Jamie - the contact with the skin and the heat of the mother can have beneficial effects in the baby. A sort of "natural incubation", therefore, in close proximity to the person who, for months, has kept the creature in her belly, and who can provide, with her mere presence, a real cure.


The "kangaroo" technique is certainly a technique that takes the human factor into great consideration, even in difficult medical cases. It is not an anti-scientific method, but a way to give nature a further possibility, by exploiting what is simple: maternal warmth. There is nothing to say that the story of Kate and her little Jamie is absolutely surprising. The child has been nothing short of amazingly lucky, from his first moments of life, and it is as if nature had wanted to give everyone yet another wonderful demonstration of how great her power can be.


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