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A man saves a dog's life: dog thanks…
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A man saves a dog's life: dog thanks him with an intense look of gratitude on his face

June 24, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

The expressions that dogs make oftentimes reflections of gratitude and pure love. Rarely will you see a dog making hateful or mischievous faces, especially when they are staring into the faces of their owners. Expressions of love and gratitude on and animal's face is something that Calvin Tucker experiences frequently. In the last few years, Calvin, who lives in Helena, Alabama, has rescued over 123 animals. Most recently, he's saved the life of an abandoned dog. This particular dog gave him something Calvin has never seen before: the best look of gratitude he has ever received from an animal. 

via: The Dodo

In September 2019, Calvin was returning home after a long day at work. Six exits before the one he takes to go home, he sees a traffic jam in the distance. All of a sudden, he gets the feeling that he needs to take a different exit and check out what the commotion is about. Between the all the cars and angry people honking, he sees on the side of the road a dog in need of immediate care: 98% of his body had no fur and was covered in "suspicious" wrinkles. 

Luckily, Calvin had some canned meat inside his car and, within a matter of 15-20 minutes, he and the dog were on their way to the nearest animal shelter, which is called Two By Two Animal Rescue. 

Given his condition, the dog was seen immediately by a veterinarian; he had weird folds in his skin, a fever, inflamation, and worms and parasites. The vet assured Calvin that he would have no issues recovering, given they would offer him the care he needed. Calvin could tell right away that the dog was sweet and mild-tempered. And once the dog realized that Calvin brought him to a place that was going to "make him better," he looked intensely into Calvin's eyes and didn't look away for several minutes. The dog obviously was trying to express how grateful he was to Calvin for having rescued him from the street. 


It didn't take time for Wrinkles, what everyone ended up calling the dog, to make human and animal friends at the shelter. Six months after Calvin had brought him to the shelter, Wrinkles's hair started to grow back, giving him a nice and shiny black coat!  

Getting his hair back was only the start of Wrinkles's new lease on life. Thanks to Calvin's request, and the shelter's hard work, Wrinkles finally found his forever family! 

image: Black Noah

The family couldn't be happier with Wrinkles and, judging by the looks on his face, Wrinkles couldn't be happier either! His happiness is thanks to Calvin and his big heart. Way to go, Calvin! 

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