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Police get a call about two elderly…
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Police get a call about two elderly people crying; the officers on duty end up making them dinner

June 08, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Loneliness is a feeling that many elderly people experience once they've reached a certain age. Apart from the health issues you experience as you get older, many elderly people suffer from depression and feelings of abandonment. With grownup children either living far from home or being too busy with their own families/lives, more and more elderly people are forced to spend their golden years by themselves. 

Jole and Michele, an 89 and 94-year-old couple, know exactly what it feels like to be old an alone. Desperate for some company, Jole and Michele cried and screamed until four particular "cooks" came to the rescue and prepared them dinner.  

via: CNN

A police officer's job may be predominantly to serve and protect its citizens, but they are also there to offer comfort to those who desperately need it. This is something that the four officers that visited Jole and Michele's home understood perfectly. 

It all started when the officers received a call from the couple's neighbors, who reported hearing crying and shouting coming from their apartment. Apparently, their crying was so loud that everyone thought the worst. Once the officers arrived, they realized that they weren't dealing with a crime scene; instead, they were dealing with a elderly couple that were suffering from loneliness. Before they did anything to alleviate their feelings of abandonment, they first called an ambulance make sure they were okay healthwise. Once the paramedics verified they were in good condition, the officers decided to stay and keep the couple company in the best way they knew how: they cooked them dinner. 

The officers got to work in the kitchen and prepared the elderly couple a simple plate of spaghetti. After dinner and a nice chat, the couple seemed to forget about their troubles, at least for one evening. These four officers should be an example to us all that we should be willing to go above and beyond for our elderly. They also made it clear that it's not just their duty as officers to care about the physical well-being of citizens; they care about their mental well-being as well. 


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