An old woman cannot cook and calls for help: 2 policemen arrive and prepare her dinner -
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An old woman cannot cook and calls for…
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An old woman cannot cook and calls for help: 2 policemen arrive and prepare her dinner

June 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Perhaps the elderly lady thought she could do it alone: when the carer sent by her son did not show up, she herself told her son not to worry and to save that money the carer would have cost. The lady must have changed her mind when, unfortunately, she realized that she was not self-sufficient. She felt very tired and her arm hurt - with which pain she would not be able to cook. So, very candidly, the woman called the police, asking for help. At the control centre, the police chief reassured the old woman and immediately sent two policemen to monitor the situation.

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When Antonio and Giuseppe, the names of the two Italian policemen, arrived at the old woman's house, they did not receive any answer from the intercom, so they had the door opened by a neighbor. Once they reached the landing, the two realized that the woman's door was ajar, so they entered after calling her name. The woman's response was not long in coming, and she was unable to restrain her enthusiasm: the two policemen found her waiting and, together, they helped her sit on a chair in the kitchen. Having understood the situation, the policemen rolled up their sleeves and started cooking something for the elderly woman: in a few minutes a nice plate of ravioli with tomato sauce was ready for the hungry lady.

image: Unsplash

A gesture of great humanity which surely went beyond their duties, but which concretely helped a single lady in difficulty - and this is what matters. 

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