School denies her a meal because she has no more money on her account: a 6-year-old girl is ridiculed in front of her classmates -
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School denies her a meal because she…
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School denies her a meal because she has no more money on her account: a 6-year-old girl is ridiculed in front of her classmates

June 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Cases of bullying and humiliation among peers in schools are not so rare, although they are never justifiable. In the story we are about to tell you, however, it was in a way, the school that promoted the mockery of a 6-year-old girl by the rest of her classmates. How? By denying her lunch in the canteen, the credit for the little girl's meals being used up.

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This happened during lunchtime in the canteen of an elementary school in Greenwood, in the United States. Anya Howard, a 6-year-old student, was standing in line with her classmates to receive her hot meal, when the managers took away the tray from her hands because apparently she no longer had credit to pay for the meal.

When the little girl was accompanied to the beginning of the queue to wait to receive a slice of bread and peanut butter, instead of the normal meal, the other children began to laugh and to call her poor. The incident cast the girl into the deepest embarrassment, as the grandfather who reported the incident tells us: "When she told me she was much more than sad," he said.

According to the school, the treatment that Anya has undergone is the same as every child who turns out to have no credit for the canteen: some employee is in charge of discreetly accompanying the pupil to receive the "alternative" meal, but what the grandfather objects is exactly the lack of discretion.

Moreover, the man criticizes the school's decision to remove the child's meal because of a mere $ 2.25: no one had advised the family of the decrease in credit, for this reason he now demands that changes are made to the school regulations. The school sent an official note stating that the girl's canteen credit was $ 0.10, but they didn't bother to inform the parents about the issue previous to the incident, at which time there was no direct contact. 

A decidedly regrettable fact, which left Anya's family and the girl herself dumbfounded, cruelly humiliated by her classmates. What a shame!

Once again rules and common sense have not found the right middle ground: it is right to enforce the rules, but to do it regardless of the social consequences and psychological impact of certain situations is equally wrong, especially when children are in the middle!



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