The grandson secretly restores his grandfather's old car: when he showed it to him, he almost fainted with joy -
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The grandson secretly restores his grandfather's…
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The grandson secretly restores his grandfather's old car: when he showed it to him, he almost fainted with joy

By Alison Forde

A parent would really do everything to see a child happy: sacrifices, advice, closeness, help are all things that fall within the splendid role of these irreplaceable figures in everyone's life, the real fundamental pillars.

If all this is true of fathers and mothers, it is equally true of grandparents. The bond that is created between a grandfather and a grandson is something unique and special, so much so that the grandchildren themselves live and remember the "old" in the family as people thanks to which they manage to learn and grow in the best way. Cam and Fred, grandson and grandfather, protagonists of the beautiful story we are about to tell you, know it well.

Old cars, for many, are real "pieces of our hearts", objects about which we carry many positive memories, for the "adventures" lived on board, or for the joy we had when we bought and used them . This is also true for Fred: the man is very fond of his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, a beautiful car, a true symbol on wheels of the 50s in the United States.

Cam's grandfather bought the car when he was only 28 years old. The first car, as many will know, is never forgotten, and also for him it was so, given that his beautiful Chevrolet remained tied to many wonderful memories of youth. Over the years, however, time has made itself felt for this car, once brand new and practically perfect. Fred's increasingly rare usage certainly did not keep the car "young" as it once was.

And it is at this point that Cam decided to intervene. For his grandfather's 81st birthday, from whom he inherited his passion for motors, he decided to take this beautiful Chevy and restore it completely. In all those years, Fred had never had the courage to scrap or sell the car but, for various reasons, he also never had the opportunity to have it replaced.


So his granson Cam thought to do this. The car has been restored in its splendid dark red paint, and in many other no less important details. Blindfolded, Fred was led by his grandson to discover his very special birthday present. Needless to describe the emotion he felt in seeing his Bel Air shining as it once was, as if it had just left the factory. The man could not believe it, but it was really true: Cam made a beautiful gesture for him, demonstrating, if it were still needed, how splendid the bond that unites grandparents and grandchildren is!

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