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A dog and her newborn puppies were found…
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A dog and her newborn puppies were found abandoned on the side of the ride

May 27, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Although there is a lot of good in the world, the bad always seems to outweigh it. Recently, a female dog and her newborn pups were found abandoned on the side of the road. And whoever left them there, clearly did not care whether they survived or not. To capture the sad occurrence was a surveillance camera outside the house of, luckily, a person who volunteers at an animal shelter.  

Our story takes place in Johor, Malesia, where a man gets out of his car and, out of the backseat, dumps a box full of puppies on the side of the road. In the video, it looks like the momma dog is begging him not to leave them stranded, but the man doesn't seem to care. Moments later, he gets back into his car and drives off, leaving the mom and her pups to fend for themselves. 

The person whose surveillance camera caught the entire incident on tape was left speechless. Luckly, he volunteers at an animal shelter not far from where he lives, so he decided to take the mom and her pups there. After the mom and her pups underwent a few medical examinations, the shelter's staff discovered that the mom had breast cancer, which is very rare for dogs. 

Not much can be done to help the female dog; the shelter is already suffering from hardship due to the influx of animals after the Coronavirus pandemic hit. The shelter is now asking for donations to help improve the lives of not just this particular momma dog and her pups, but the rest of the animals in the shelter. 


For now, the momma dog and her pups are being taken care of by the shelter and they hope it will be possible to help the mom make a full recovery. They also hope to find the person responsable for abandoning them on the side of the road, that way he can be charged for the terrible crime that he commited.  

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