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A woman offends an appliance store cashier:…
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A woman offends an appliance store cashier: the manager intervenes and escorts the woman to the parking lot

May 10, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Whoever works in retail or in the service industry knows how difficult it can be working with the public, especially during holidays and, well, global pandemics. Although businesses make it a point to cater to their costumers, some people take it to the extreme. For some people, the expression "the costumer is always right" gives them the right to yell at or even insult employees. Luckily, there are still some people in management who believe costumers shouldn't be able to treat their employees like door mats. Some even stand up for their employees, like the store manager in this particular story. 

As we've already mentioned, dealing with difficult costumers is something that everyone - especially those who work in retail and costumer service - would like to avoid but can't. One university student knows all too well what it means to deal with difficult costumers. The girl, who remains unnamed, works at an appliance store part-time while working on obtaining her college degree. Normally, she has no issues dealing with rude costumers, but one woman in particular wouldn't leave her alone and even began insulting her. 

What was all the fuss about, you ask? The woman wanted to use coupons that had already expired and became enraged when the university student told her she could no longer use them. 

The woman began protesting, claiming that it was impossible that her coupons had already expired. She then raised her voice so that everyone could hear her say to her daughter, "You see why your mother always insists on you going to school: so you won't end up like this failure", obviously referring to the cashier.

The cashier, clearly offended, explained that she was in fact a university student and was working at the store part-time to pay for her tuition. The store manager, however, ended the conversation abruptly, taking the woman's purchases off the cash register. He then looked at the woman and said, "I don't tollerate people who come into my store and humiliate my employees". He then kindly escorted the woman outside of the store and told her to come back once she had a change in attitude.

This incident is just another example of why you should never assume something about a person. Odds are, you probably are wrong and are just going to make a fool out of yourself. Most importantly, you should never treat a human being badly just because you think you're better or superior to them. We need more people like this store manager that will stand up for others when other people are in the wrong. 


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