As soon as their dad comes home from work, these twin infant girls light up with laughter -
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As soon as their dad comes home from…
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As soon as their dad comes home from work, these twin infant girls light up with laughter

By Cylia Queen

People who have kids have to learn perhaps more than the rest of us how to find the right balance between their work and personal life. It's true, however, that some parents choose to stay at home with their kids, but usually one of the two still has to work to "bring home the bacon", so to speak. 

After a long hard day at work, parents might feel exhausted and mentally drained, but usually all it takes to make them feel more energized is getting to see a smile on their kid's face when they arrive home. This is especially the case for the father in the video we are about to show you. Every time he comes home, he is greeted by the laughter and smiling faces of his adorable twin daughters. 

At the beginning of the video, the look on the twins' faces seem a bit perplexed and contorted. The family dog keeps barking at something from outside the house and, obviously, they have no idea whether to trust it or not. Their expressions change, however, once the door opens and they see their father walk through the entryway. In an instant, the twins are smiling and laughing joyously because their father has finally made it home from work! 

What parent wouldn't want to come home to these two adorable smiling faces?


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