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A tiramisu without eggs or mascarpone:…
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A tiramisu without eggs or mascarpone: a tasty variation which is fast and figure friendly

April 25, 2020 • By Alison Forde

It is a dessert that is really difficult to resist, which meets the sweet tooth of many people. We are talking about tiramisu, a very tasty dessert usually prepared with eggs, mascarpone, cocoa, coffee and biscuits, appreciated not only in Italy - its homeland of origin - but also in other countries.

Of course, in its classic variant it is not exactly ideal for those who are on a diet, although fortunately there are several ways to make and enjoy a tiramisu that is much less caloric than usual, and therefore perfect for dessert but at the same time lighter. The reason? The tiramisu that we present in this recipe is made without eggs and without mascarpone!

The ingredients

To prepare it you will need:

200 grams of dry biscuits, such as Savoyard or lady fingers
200 ml of cooled espresso
250 grams of fresh ricotta (cow's milk type if you want it lighter)
150 grams of plain Greek yogurt (alternatively you can add another 150 of ricotta)
70 grams of brown sugar
35 grams of chocolate chips
Unsweetened cocoa powder
A few coffee beans to garnish (optional)


As you may have noticed, neither eggs nor mascarpone appear among the ingredients, making the recipe lighter. Here is the procedure:

In a large container, mix the ricotta with the sugar to make a smooth mixture

Meanwhile, pour the coffee into a bowl until it cools down (to room temperature)

To the sugar and ricotta, we add the Greek yogurt and mix everything until well combined

At this point, we take the biscuits (Savoyard or lady fingers) and spread over a layer of the newly created mixture, sprinkling them with the chocolate chips

We cover with another layer of biscuits, soaked in coffee

Spread a second layer of sugar, ricotta and yogurt mixture on top and leave to rest in the fridge, for it to thicken, for about 6 hours.

Once it has rested, we sprinkle our light tiramisu with unsweetened cocoa powder, and garnish as desired with the coffee beans.

and you're finished! The result of this simple recipe is a tasty, diet-friendly tiramisu . You just have to try it!




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