Coronavirus and solidarity: people use notes to ask if the older neighbors need something -
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Coronavirus and solidarity: people use…
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Coronavirus and solidarity: people use notes to ask if the older neighbors need something

April 17, 2020 • By Alison Forde

The western world is at the end of its tether in this period, where restaurants and businesses have been forced to close due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. In many countries, there was a rush to supermarkets to grab as many basic necessities as possible - as if a zombie epidemic had broken out. Certainly some people, especially the elderly, should totally avoid leaving the house, even for shopping; obviously in addition to the boredom of isolation, the older members of our community need a way to get help. Fortunately, many young people are volunteering to support those who are most in difficulty right now.

via: Huffpost

 Becky Wass, in England, has created prewritten notes to be left on the doors of the homes of older (and not so old) neighbors. On each note, they are kindly asked if they need anything. If an elderly person is unable to do the shopping, he can write it on the sheet and the volunteer who has given out the cards will be willing to do the shopping in his place. Can't send an email? Do you need a friendly phone call? Know that there is someone willing to help you.

This Coronavirus need not create more problems than it has already created: isolation can be even more painful for some people and it is not always possible to fight it so well. Becky Wass thought to create these cards for this purpose. Her post went viral in no time, thanks to everyone's request for help and participation. The aim is exactly to make this solidarity practice viral. 


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