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A man hides coronavirus symptoms from…
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A man hides coronavirus symptoms from his surgeon before nose operation: now he might have to serve 12 years in prison

By Cylia Queen

In the peak of the coronavirus emergency, you can't turn on the TV or surf the internet without being bombarded by public service announcements asking you to stay home. Otherwise, you might add to the risk of the virus spreading exponentially. For those who are experiencing symptoms related to catching the virus, it's highly suggested that they postpone doctor visits and non-essential surgeries as it would only add to the risk. Some people, apparently, haven't taken these messages seriously. Now, for reasons we are about to reveal, they will have to pay the consequences for their negligence. 

In this particular case, a man in Aosta, Italy, exposed his surgeons and team of nurses to the virus when, despite showing symptoms, decided not to postpone his non-essential nasal surgery.  

Deemed necessary but not life-threating, the man's nasal surgery was connected to a medical procedure he had months back. Weeks prior to the surgery, the man had been working in a tourist destination frequented by many Italians coming from Lombardy, the Italian region hit hardest by the virus. A few days before the surgery, the man started experiencing certain symptoms connected to the virus, like coughing and have a burning sensation of the eyes. Instead of postponing his surgery, as suggested by Italian authorities and medical professionals, he decided to hide his symptoms from his surgeon and have the surgery anyway. 

His attempts to hide his symptoms did not fool his doctors, however. The minute that the anesthetist noticed that his temperature was higher than normal, he tested him for the virus. Unfortunately, it was too late for the hospital staff (anesthetist, surgeon, nurses) who were supposed to perform his surgery. They had all been in close proximity to the man and, therefore, exposed to the virus. 

Apart from not getting to have his surgery, the man is also accused of putting the lives of the hospital staff in danger and could serve up to 12 years in jail.  

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