"Remove the PIN from your relatives' cell phones": a nurse's appeal to enable communications

Alison Forde

April 05, 2020


These days we are experiencing because of the Coronavirus pandemic are really difficult ones. While much of the world is in quarantine, hospitals are fighting relentlessly against this terrible but invisible enemy. And to do so, in addition to caring for  people who suffer, many health workers also give their best to make the recovery of many patients a little less dramatic.

A call came from a nurse to ensure that people in isolation inside healthcare facilities, unable to receive in-person visits from their loved ones, can at least receive a little comfort in a virtual way.

via Giornale di Brescia


Mohsen Atayi/Wikimedia

We are in Italy, specifically at the Sacco hospital in Milan. This area of northern Italy, as it is now known everywhere, was one of the places where there have been more cases and outbreaks of Covid-19 than throughout Europe. Healthcare facilities are exhausted and unfortunately many people die or are hospitalized for days without even being able to speak to their relatives.

For this reason, a nurse has decided to launch an appeal via Facebook, especially addressed to people with elderly relatives. "Remove the pin from the cell phones of your loved ones who are hospitalized," he proposed, in order to make it easier for doctors and health professionals to use these devices to communicate with the outside world, and therefore with families.


In such a dramatic situation, in fact, technology is the only way to be able to, at the very least, see the face or hear the voice of family members who are suffering or who are out of hospital, eager to receive news. For patients in the ward it is the only way to communicate with the outside world and receive closeness and comfort. This is why it is important to make sure that a doctor or nurse can alleviate, even with a simple message or a call, the suffering of those who are sick.