The mother of an infant daughter that suffers from immunodepression implores people to stop panic-buying sanitary supplies -
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The mother of an infant daughter that…
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The mother of an infant daughter that suffers from immunodepression implores people to stop panic-buying sanitary supplies

April 26, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are stocking their houses full of supplies as if they were preparing for a war to break out. They aren't just stocking up on grocery items like food and toilet paper, though. They're also buying unnecessary amounts of sanitary products like disinfectants and preventive masks, leaving almost nothing for those who actually need them. 

This is why one mother, whose daughter, Lily, suffers from immunodepression, decided to express her concerns online, to raise awareness.   

via: The Mighty

Although Lily is sweet and adorable, she is not like most infants. Born prematurely, Lily had to spend 8 months in an intensive care unit to help her organs to fully develop. Her lungs, however, never developed correctly and now she must rely on respiratory devices to help her breathe properly. Given her respiratory issues, she suffers from immunodepression, which causes her to be more susceptible to disease and infection.

Even the common cold could be fatal to Lily. This is why every year, from October to April, Lily and her parents have to practice voluntary quarantine, to prevent Lily from being exposed to any germs or viruses that could potentially endanger her life. At home, they have to disinfect everything several times a day. If anyone knows how to keep from contracting the virus, it's Lily and her parents.   

Imagine Lily's parent's surprise (and utter dismay) when they discovered that the disinfectant items they so desperately need were going out of stock everywhere. For people who suffer from immunodepression like Lily, their chances of survival depend on sanitary products. If they don't have access to these items, their lives could be in grave danger. 


Although people like Lily's parents are trying to bring awareness to their current situation, people continue to empty shelves in supermakets and pharmacies across the globe. Some people are even buying up disinfectant items to sell them at higher prices on the internet.

This is why it's so important for people to realize what effect their panic-buying is having on those who are in desperate need of sanitary products. Buying unncessary amounts of these items (like disinfectants, preventive masks, etc.) is only causing harm to those who really need them. So before you buy hand sanitizer in bulk, ask yourself if you really need it. If you don't (and chances are you don't), leave it for someone who actually does. 


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