17 scenes of daily life that only our…
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17 scenes of daily life that only our pets can bring alive

March 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Anyone who owns a pet knows exactly what we are referring to: having a four-legged friend at home is both a cause for joy, happiness and fun, and a great double job. If it is true that our pets are probably the most beautiful and tender things that we encounter when we return home after a long working day, on the other hand they can cause so many troubles that we cannot stay even a for moment with them ...

It's pointless to take some time to relax, when the cat also wants your attention!

It looks like he's posing for a photo shoot, but in reality this funny dog ​​is simply scratching himself :)


"I hadn't found him in the house for two hours, when I finally took a quick look at the wardrobe ..."

"Don't judge, my cat likes to sleep and relax in my daughter's walker!"

Of course, after a walk in which dog and owner are drenched in rain, what does he do? He dries-off on the bed with the white sheets!


Feeling decidedly observed in the moment of ... need!

image: Imgur/Lexidh

The dog's bed has broken, and therefore in extreme times, extreme remedies ... the cat's bed will do just fine!


In the kitchen in full reconstruction, the missing house cat reappears!

image: reddit/aant85

It was once called privacy ...

image: Imgur/Unknown

Yes, you have seen clearly: this dog is comfortably seated ... on a cat!

"Um, I really want to study ..."

image: reddit/Qluot

The fantastic four. The only feature that unites them? All four are hungry!

"Honestly, I didn't do anything!"

There's nothing to be done, cats don't like taking selfies!

In reality he made a big mess, but this very dirty little dog seems very proud of his work!

Bad kitty...

Time to distract me for a moment and what do I find right before my eyes?

 Fun scenes of everyday life with pets that only those who have one at home can understand!

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