This young boy grew out his hair for two years in order to donate it to sick children suffering from cancer -
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This young boy grew out his hair for…
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This young boy grew out his hair for two years in order to donate it to sick children suffering from cancer

By Cylia Queen

For many parents, raising children not only consists in clothing and feeding them, but also instilling in them positive values that will last their entire lives. There's satisfaction in knowing that you raised them right, but immagine how a parent might feel when their son or daughter does something thoughtful without being asked to do it. 

This is what happened in Thomas Moore's case, when the 10-year-old boy from Maryland decided on his own to do something extremely thoughtful for children suffering from cancer. 

It all started when one day Thomas saw his mom watching a video about a 5-year-old girl with cancer who had lost all of her hair to due chemotherapy. Struck and moved by the girl's story, Thomas decided that he had to do something to help the girl out. 

After thinking about how the little girl had no hair, he decided that growing his hair out and then donating it would be the best way to help her - and other children like her - out. While he grew out his hair, he made sure to take good care of it so that it would be strong and healthy for the day he had to cut it. His hair became so long and thick that it looked as if he had enough hair for two wigs!

After two years, it was time for Thomas to cut his hair. His aunt Amber was the one who captured the special moment on video. She and his parents couldn't have been more proud of him for what he did. Although seemingly a small act, not everyone would be willing to do what he did. And the fact that he decided to do it on his own at such a young age shows just how altruistic Thomas really is. 

Thanks to his hair, a few young, little cancer patients will be able to still feel like they have some level of normalcy in their lives. Amber's video of Thomas made pretty big waves on social media platrforms, and many people complimented him for his altruism. Congratulations Thomas, and keep of the good work!  


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