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Mom and daughter are 24 years apart,…
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Mom and daughter are 24 years apart, but everyone mistakes them for sisters

February 16, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyone mistakes them for sisters, but the reality is different: they are actually mother and daughter and are 24 years apart.

Furthermore, although people seem not to be aware of their real relationship, the two women are positively affected by this similarity and take it as a wonderful compliment.

Yes, because in reality, Joleen Diaz is 43 years old and she had her 19-year-old daughter Meilani Parks, at the "tender" age of 24, and they are certainly more friends than mother and daughter.

image: Instagram
Yes, because Joleen and Meilani have always had a very close relationship that has led them to do almost everything together: from shopping to taking walks, from traveling around the world to gymnastics.
Very often, if they do not leave the house, they prepare a good hot tea and sit on the sofa, simply talking together like two very good friends ...

Of course, it is their age gap that makes them more similar to two sisters than to a mother and a daughter, but there is also the fact that Joleen at the age of 43, still keeps as fit as her daughter.
In fact, Joleen follows a healthy and balanced diet, a particularly active lifestyle, rarely consumes alcohol and gets lots of rest. And she also works as a teacher in a Northern California primary school.
image: Instagram
Joleen parted amicably from her husband and the father of  Meilani, 13 years ago, but the family still gets along and regularly goes on vacation together.
Joleen also says that she lives a "rather simple life" and is "content" with what she has, just as she is happy that her daughter also follows her same lifestyle—taking care of her health and body—resulting in a truly enviable physical condition!
Joleen publishes many of her photos together with her daughter Meilani on her Instagram profile, and it does not matter that everyone mistakes them for sisters ... because in the end, for both of them, it is a great compliment!

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