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A daughter leaves her sick mother at…
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A daughter leaves her sick mother at the bus station without any money or identification papers


She had been waiting for her fifteen-year-old daughter for hours!

All that she had wanted to do was to get some rest, eat something, and then leave together as they had planned for their trip.

She and her daughter were going to Southern California for an important medical examination, but her daughter had apparently disappeared.

This was only the beginning of an infernal experience for Blanca Irene Yanez Soto, an almost blind elderly woman abandoned by her daughter at a bus station, without any money or identification papers.

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Señora está varada en la central camionera de Hermosillo, no tiene para el pasaje.

Pubblicato da EL IMPARCIAL su Martedì 11 febbraio 2020

For years, Blanca had suffered greatly from diabetes and her eyesight was also beginning to fail, and for this reason, she had difficulty reading street signs, newspapers, or documents.

When she and her 15-year-old daughter Guadalupe arrived at the Hermosillo bus station in Sonora, near the border with the United States, Guadalupe had left with all her documents, her handbag and her money to go get something to eat while waiting for the next bus scheduled to depart ...

Inside Blanca's handbag, there were in addition to the documents, also the 5,000 pesos that her brother had given her to pay for the medical treatments for her deteriorating eyesight.

While at the bus station, Blanca fell asleep for a few minutes, and when she woke up, her daughter, Guadalupe had disappeared ...

While speaking to a taxi driver who had just spoken with her daughter, Blanca discovered that Guadalupe had already left alone for Mexicali, abandoning her mother Blanca without leaving her any money or identification documents.

Passersby listened to the story of Blanca, who had been left alone and defenseless for two days inside the bus station without anyone coming back to pick her up.

Blanca's story then started going around the Internet, as she waited for her closest relatives to find out where the elderly lady was and to come to retrieve her and take her home ...

A disturbing story of cruel "elderly abandonment", which we would never wish anyone to have to experience!

Moreover, we hope that this story will end in the happiest way for Blanca, a sick and elderly woman abandoned by her daughter!

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