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A very poor couple adopts a baby boy…
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A very poor couple adopts a baby boy and years later he repays them by giving them the life they have always dreamed of


It is known that parents, or at least most of them, would do anything for their children and that is why when children become adults they often have the desire to repay that affection in the same way.

When Nanay and Tatay, a couple from the Philippines, adopted a baby boy named Jayvee Lazaro Badile II, they changed his life by giving him love and protection.

At that time, the family was extremely poor, but despite all the difficulties, they tried not to let little Jayvee lack for anything.

Today, that baby boy has become a successful young man and he wanted to give his parents the life they have always dreamed of and that they deserved.

An old photo of Jayvee with his adoptive parents

In a Facebook post, the young man has displayed some old photos of his adoptive family that help to tell and illustrate their life over the years and the long-awaited change for the better.

During those long and hard years, Jayvee's adoptive father worked as a porter, while his adoptive mother ran a small street vendor shop.

And now that he has had the chance to become a successful man, Jayvee has decided to pay for whatever his adoptive parents have ever dreamed of having or doing.

"I was three months old when Nanay and Tatay adopted me," said Jayvee. “Life has been very difficult. I had to work and study at the same time, and we were happy when Nanay was able to prepare two meals a day. In addition, we lived in a 215-square foot (20-square meter) apartment."


When they welcomed him into the family, his adoptive parents did not have much


Despite extreme poverty, what little the family possessed served to help young Jayvee to study and become a successful man.


In the end, the young man has managed to realize his dream of giving his adoptive parents the life they have always dreamed of.

Consequently, Jayvee has purchased a seven-bedroom house and furnished it with everything they could ever want in a home.

"I paid for the house in cash and it was built in a year. It has seven bedrooms and we did not bring anything from the old place, except the TV that I had bought for my family as a Christmas present previously," said the young man.

In addition, thanks to Jayvee, his adoptive parents can now also afford to travel and finally enjoy life!

For his part, Javee also tries to spend as much time as possible with his family and friends!


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