This man bought a used sofa and found $43,000 inside and returned all the money to the owner -
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This man bought a used sofa and found…
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This man bought a used sofa and found $43,000 inside and returned all the money to the owner

January 24, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Second-hand stores and open markets are an excellent way to get hold of rare or original items at truly economical prices.

A case in point is a man named Howard Kirby who bought a sofa from a consignment store, thinking that he was only buying a piece of second-hand furniture that he liked at a very good price.

Instead, that sofa could have increased his savings exponentially! In fact, in one of the sofa cushions, the man found $43,000 USD.

An incredible and unusual discovery, as was also Mr. Kirby's decision to give all the money back to its rightful owner.

via: CNN
image: CNN/Twitter

This incident that happened to Howard Kirby has certainly created a lot of talk!

Not only because it does not happen every day to find money hidden in a sofa, but also because of the decision that the gentleman made in regards to what to do with that unexpected hidden treasure!

This whole story began when Mr. Kirby bought a second-hand sofa in a consignment store.

Then, only a few weeks later, after finding a particular sofa cushion very uncomfortable, he discovered the reason—hidden inside the sofa cushion was some money, a lot of money—carefully divided into bundles!

image: CNN/Twitter

Mr. Kirby, obviously surprised by the discovery, began to count the money and he discovered that it was a total of $43,100 USD!

A sum of money that he could have added to his personal savings but which instead he decided to give back, probably guided by his conscience and a strong desire, to be honest.

In fact, Mr. Kirby had no legal obligation to return the money and having personally purchased the sofa, he could have kept the money if he had chosen to do so.

Instead, he decided to get rid of that money, simply because it was not his—and it did not belong to him.

image: CNN/Twitter

All the money was delivered to the rightful owner, that is to say, it was given to the family that had brought the sofa to the consignment store.

In fact, the sofa had belonged to the father of the man that had brought it to the store, who had recently passed away.

image: CNN/Twitter

So the story ended with Mr. Kirby returning all the money he had found but keeping the second-hand sofa that he had legally purchased!


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