This generous young boy used all his savings to buy things for the neediest homeless people -
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This generous young boy used all his…
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This generous young boy used all his savings to buy things for the neediest homeless people


Although his father, Ethan Simons was not happy about it, 9-year-old Nathan Simons loved watching videos on YouTube.

Ethan was worried that Nathan would come across content that was not suitable for a fourth-grader!

Yet, exactly the opposite happened when little Nathan stumbled across a video showing the degree of poverty and homelessness that has come to the United States in the last decade.

Consequently, this was a video that sparked something in Nathan and urged him to personally try to do something about this situation.

image: Air TV

Consequently, Ethan asked his father to take him to their local bank so that he could withdraw his life savings account which was about $150 USD (he left only a few dollars to keep his account open) and his father decided to match this amount.

Nathan told the bank teller that he wanted to withdraw his money from his savings account to donate it to the people who were helping the homeless people in their area.

Instead of not doing anything to help solve a problem, as happens so often in life, Nathan wanted to be part of the solution.

And so he did this by withdrawing his money from his savings account and deciding to use it to help people who are in need.

Moreover, he called the local homeless shelters, so he could be certain that his money could help the people in his community who needed it most. He asked the homeless shelters what they needed most and he made a list of all the items requested.

Then, he put his $150 savings account money, together, with his father's matching donation (a total of $300) to excellent use by shopping at the local Walmart to buy all of the articles the homeless shelters needed.

image: Air TV

Many people think that Nathan deserves all the recognition that the media has given him in the wake of his generous action since he has decided to give all of his savings to be used for the greater good.

This recognition is important because thanks to people like him, these homeless shelters, although they do receive government assistance, are able to help even more homeless people by providing some of the essential things that make a homeless person's daily life much better.

Congratulations, little Nathan!


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