This mom has threatened to punch the next woman she sees breastfeeding in front of her children -
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This mom has threatened to punch the…
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This mom has threatened to punch the next woman she sees breastfeeding in front of her children


Breastfeeding in public is still a hotly debated topic.

It is commonly known that breastfeeding is a maternal activity that represents a very important period for both the mother and the baby, who at that stage also obviously receives the necessary nourishment.

Furthermore, let's not forget that when a woman breastfeeds her child, the unique bond of intimacy and affection that only a mother can understand is strengthened.

Although breastfeeding is a completely natural activity, doing it in public is still seen today as an activity that is embarrassing, and where negative looks and overt prejudices towards new mothers are often displayed.

Naturally, a woman can, of course, still breastfeed in public with discretion, perhaps with the help of suitable clothing.

However, as stated previously, there are people who are still very annoyed whenever they see a woman breastfeeding in public.

Among such people, there is a woman named Carly Clark, who is the author of a rather shameful Facebook post.

In fact, in her post, Clark threatened to physically punch the next woman that she sees breastfeeding a baby in front of her eyes!

via: The Sun
image: Facebook / Carly Clark

In her offensive post, which was promptly deleted from Facebook, the woman claimed that she was not at all sorry for her statement.

In fact, Clark confirmed that: "The next woman who tries to show her breast to breastfeed her baby in front of my children, will receive a black eye, move the baby because otherwise, I will hit it too."

Some users managed to take a screenshot of Clark's Facebook page before the post was removed and many others reacted by showing all their indignation at the promised physical confrontation.

image: Facebook / Carly Clark

In any case, her statement was so ignoble that it cost her her job.

Carly Clark, in fact, was a store assistant at The Petsense, a store that sells products for animals, but when her employer learned of her Facebook post, they immediately fired the woman and distanced themselves from what she had written on her Facebook page.


In short, as we can see, Carly Clark made a public statement that has cost her dearly.

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