Dear children, one day you will become the parents of your parents and in this way, you will return the love received -
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Dear children, one day you will become…
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Dear children, one day you will become the parents of your parents and in this way, you will return the love received

January 11, 2020 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everything that we are, from our birth to adulthood, largely depends on two great teachers—our mom and dad!

They have always been there for us, but we must be aware that the day will come when we will need to take care of them and return all the love and care that they have always given us.

In fact, when we are very young, we depend on our mom and dad in all respects. If we get sick, when we fall down, they are there, and when we are hungry, they are the ones who feed us.

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Our parents helped us with our homework and even comforted us the first time someone broke our hearts.

But over the years, as we became adults, our parents also became increasingly older and more fragile and that is when we need to take care of them.


Admittedly, however, there are some cases where mom or dad were not exactly good life models for their children, but a noble-hearted person should think that if they are here in this world - it is thanks to their parents.

In these cases, the best thing you can do is to put aside any grudges that harden your heart and choose to show, instead, gratitude and love.

Unquestionably, it can also be difficult to take care of our elderly parents with the same dedication that they have had for us, especially due to work or other obligations.

Nevertheless, it is still very important that their adult child be as present as possible in their lives, reminding their elderly parents that all the love that they once dedicated to their child is being returned.

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Having happy parents will give a quiet sense of joy and completion to the whole family, which further provides personal satisfaction and knowledge that it was truly worth having lived your life with them.

Moreover, it is the best show or gift of gratitude that can be given to our elderly parents.

Remember that an elderly adult is not a burden, on the contrary, they can and will open your eyes to the real priorities in human life.

This is because mom and dad, even if they are elderly, never stop teaching us how to live.

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