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Why learning to let go of someone who…
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Why learning to let go of someone who doesn't love you anymore might be for the best


Starting a relationship may not always be as exciting as you think.

Sometimes one realizes very early that the person we are dating does not intend to continue the relationship, even before they themselves finally confess to this fact.

What to do in these cases? Continue to hope that time will make them change their mind, with the risk of being stuck in a love story that was never truly destined to be?

In any case, trying to keep the person who made us fall in love with them - at any cost - is a huge mistake. We must learn to let go of those who are not ready to love us.

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Uncertainties in love are often excuses to continue a relationship that, nevertheless, both hearts know have very low chances of truly coming into being.

Instead of trying to force something that is destined not to be, it is much better to speak with an open heart. In fact, facing the situation is the best way to eventually be able to let go of those who are not ready to stay in a relationship with us.

We have to accept reality. We should not be afraid of the fact that the person we are dating has no real intention of creating something serious. In fact, after discovering this, we should be more interested in understanding their motivations; so that we can move on.

One thing is for certain, living with the anxiety that what we want is not what our partner wants is much worse than accepting reality.

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In these situations, when partners take different paths regarding the future of their relationship, failure to communicate is often the reason.

Saying openly what each person expects of a love relationship can bring out many more points of view in common than you think.

Silence and hostility, however, create misunderstandings that accelerate, in the wrong direction, the end of a love story!

At that point, we must draw some conclusions about what to do while also accepting the risk of having to do the most difficult thing.

That is to say, to let go of someone we would always like to have close to us and let someone exit from our lives who we think we cannot live without.

Admittedly, it is difficult to swallow but to respect the freedom of others is also to love one's own freedom.

Time will run its course and now what seems impossible to accomplish—namely, to stop thinking about someone who does not want to stay with us—will become feasible.

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