Newly purchased clothes should always be washed before being worn because they contain chemicals -
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Newly purchased clothes should always…
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Newly purchased clothes should always be washed before being worn because they contain chemicals

December 01, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When buying new clothes, the desire to wear them immediately is always very strong.

But before you wear them to show off or to go out with your friends, you should get into the good habit of washing them first.

Yes, exactly. Washing them first! Why? Because a newly purchased item is not, in fact, necessarily clean. On the contrary, the experts advise us to always wash new clothes before wearing them to avoid running unnecessary risks.

Unfortunately, many people ignore this basic rule, risking serious repercussions on their health, due to the chemicals used to make new clothes look good on store shelves and clothing racks.

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Some experts believe that many new clothes are potentially toxic, due to the chemicals that are regularly used to manufacture the clothes we wear every day.

Furthermore, as allergies increase, many individuals find themselves more and more often with erythema and unpleasant skin rashes, due to the direct contact between irritants and the skin itself.

Furthermore, greater attention should be paid to clothing originating outside of the USA and Europe, which may contain harmful dyes and chemicals including nonylphenols, biocides, and formaldehyde - all substances that are very dangerous for our health.

For this reason, it is always good to check the origin of the garments. which if not properly washed can, unfortunately, for consumers, reveal the low safety and health conditions of the workers and the chemicals used to make these garments "more beautiful", among the clothing on display.

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In any case, regardless of origin, you should thoroughly wash all the new or second-hand clothes that you buy, even before wearing them.

Although the use of certain chemical substances is prohibited in the USA and in Europe, they could be still be used in poor quality clothing.

Do you know when you notice the unpleasant smell of that new dress that you just bought at the shopping mall?

Well, it is a classic example of the chemicals used to make clothes look more attractive. The effects of this annoying and potentially dangerous situation can be skin irritation (rashes), allergies, contact dermatitis, and eczema.

So ... why take the risk? Always wash your new clothes before wearing them!


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