A three-year-old girl holds her little sister in her arms for the first time and instantly feels a strong bond of sisterly love - WTVideo.com
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A three-year-old girl holds her little…
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A three-year-old girl holds her little sister in her arms for the first time and instantly feels a strong bond of sisterly love


For the first-born child, when a new baby arrives, a big change occurs in the family!

In fact, the biggest challenge is to accept the fact that their parents, from now on, will be shared with another child, as well as all the toys, games, and parental attention.

Not all children look favorably on having a brother or sister but, fortunately, in the end, it is always brotherly or sisterly love that prevails.

However, for Molly, a delightful little three-year-old girl, the arrival of a little sister was wonderful news.

Impatient to see her after waiting for nine months, now that she has finally arrived, she can hold her little sister in her arms as only a loving older sister can!

When Molly had the chance to see her little sister immediately after birth, her feelings for her were very clear.

Molly was at the hospital when her mother recently gave birth to her little sister named Cora.

The two parents placed the newborn baby in the older sister's arms and despite the mother's request for Molly to "be careful", Molly really just could not resist the desire to give her baby sister a big hug and a thousand kisses.

Little Moly holds her little sister carefully, kisses her and cuddles her with undeniable transport. "You've just come out of Mom's belly. Now I won't ever let you go," she whispers to little Cora, with the air of someone who has already understood a lot about life, despite being only three years old!

Newborn Cora, even though now she is unaware of whoever holds her in their arms, will soon realize that she has an older sister that truly loves her, and is equally careful and attentive to her needs, just like their mother.

Fortunately, the moment was captured with a video camera that will move and give the family pleasure again and again over the years!

Take a look at the full video!

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