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16 photos showing the domestic adventures…
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16 photos showing the domestic adventures of our feline friends

November 26, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cats can be strange, very strange animals. Despite their tender, sweet and calm appearance, a rather restless nature often hides inside them.

It can be said, without exaggerating, that they are never bored, and whoever has a cat in the family knows what we are talking about.

Probably, it is precisely for this reason that they have a great power of attraction when it comes to us humans, despite the various domestic adventures and misadventures that our feline friends make us live every day.

Yes, because if a cat decides to do something, we can be sure that it will complete its task, whatever the cost, with its lovable as well as, at times, irritating ways!

In the photos that we have collected here below, we show you just what it means to share the house with these adorable four-legged friends on a daily basis. Be amazed - and have fun discovering them!

1. Their new home!

image: Imgur/mrheydu

2. Who could that ever be under the sheets?


3. New pillow? No, thanks, the box is better!

4. The expression on this cat's face speaks volumes about the newcomer to the family ...

5. Despite the comfortable cat bed with a view, naturally, he prefers another place ...


6. He won't let me read unless he "reads" too!

7. Another beer and the remote control, thank you!


8. Yet they have plenty of space available ...

9. Feline toilette!


10. All together for a ride in a baby carriage in the park!

11. Relaxing in an armchair just like your human friend!

12. Who knows what he wants to do with that dust cleaning feather brush ...

13. My cat loves to hide out in my pants and sometimes I wear another pair so he can feel more comfortable!

14. This kitten adopted from an animal shelter had never seen a shag rug before this moment!

15. Weird feline behavior!

16. Always together with us to watch TV ...

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