These 31 images are proof that with a cat in your house you will never get bored -
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These 31 images are proof that with…
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These 31 images are proof that with a cat in your house you will never get bored

August 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Cats are really incredible creatures! They absolutely love their independence and are able to freeze anyone with one look of haughty disdain. Cats decide when to let themselves be pampered and set the terms for showing their affection indifferent to our every effort. 

However, what often wins the hearts of us humans is the more comical side of their nature. Taking advantage of their acrobat skills, they manage to squeeze their bodies into impossible spaces --- or even fall asleep --- in unimaginable positions, thereby, creating hilariously embarrassing scenes, which make them our favorite comedians!

1. This cat is training for the next "Mission Impossible" movie!

2. The most comfortable position according to feline logic


3. An elegant and artistic pose

4. "Where did it go? It was here a moment ago!"

5. Poker face


6. Surprised asleep at the scene of the crime with its claws still clutching the curtain!

7. How to get an athletic body without going to the gym


8. He does not care how he would look in swim shorts!

9. When for the umpteenth time they punish you for jumping up on the keyboard, finally you understand where your place is


10. Between the two cat beds, the furniture wins!

11. Comfort is not the criterion by which cats choose a place to take a nap.

12. "No one will ever find me hiding here!"

14. How to use a cat bed

14. No mistake who the owner is!

15. "If the other big one is for humans, then this one must be for me."

16. What is it that has intrigued him?

17. He prefers the rusty tasting water from the outdoor fountain to his water bowl at home!

18. The sense of the term reptile terranium escapes him, but he still appreciates the warmth of the lamp!

19. How many of you already knew about the real purpose of that niche on the stairway handrail?

20. Using camouflage while waiting for its prey

21. Here it is the cat that hatches the eggs!

22. Perfectly identical bowls for perfectly identical cats

23. "How could you do this to me? WHY?!"

24. The hottest point in the whole room

25. Jump and say ... cheeeeese!

26. "What-have-you-put-on-my-head?"

27. Enjoying the first rays of spring sunshine

28. "Relax! We aren't fighting for real! We are just pretending!"

29. Drying rack for cats

30. How to make a perfect circle in an entirely involuntary way!

31. Melting in the sun

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