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A mother forgets her son at the airport…
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A mother forgets her son at the airport and only notices when the plane is in flight forcing the pilot to turn back


Who does not remember the hugely popular movie "Home Alone", where little Kevin was literally forgotten, twice, first at home and then at the airport, by the whole family about to leave for the Christmas holidays?

A paradoxical situation, bordering on the absurd, for which one wonders how in the world it was possible. But are we really sure that incidents like the ones in the film are all fictional?

Not really, judging by what happened on a flight from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to Malaysia. A truly singular event, which closely resembles the events described in the Hollywood film and, had, in fact, a mother and her little son as protagonists.

Let's see what happened.

via: Newsweek

When the woman in question realized that her son had been left in the waiting area at the airport terminal, she was certainly not in the best situation to go back and get him.

In fact, the Saudi Arabian Airlines flight SV832, had already been in the air for a while and it certainly would have been very difficult to go back.

Panicked, the woman decided to approach the cockpit to tell the pilots that she had no intention of continuing the flight and arriving at her destination without her son. From here, the request to backtrack and return to the departure airport.

The pilot, finding himself in a complex and difficult situation, decided to contact the airport and to communicate what was happening. It is not difficult to imagine the amazement experienced by airport authorities when they heard about the situation and the passenger's request.

In spite of the inconvenience and everything else involved, the airport authorities gave the green light to the pilot to go back and let the distracted mother retrieve her child at an arrival gate.

Although no reliable data has emerged on where and how the little boy spent his time while his mother was in flight without him, we do know that the story had a happy ending.

And the woman was able to disembark at the airport of departure and embrace her son. The reason why such a thing could have happened is not entirely clear.

From what emerged, it seems that the moment of embarkation, for the woman, was particularly upsetting, and this reason she was not able to reason in a lucid manner.

Unquestionably, a departure can create havoc and confusion, especially for a single mother traveling with her young son. But, hopefully, the woman, in the future, will pay more attention, so that distractions that cause incidents such as this and that also endanger a defenseless child can be avoided.


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